Epic Collection: Amuse Charcuterie Board

Epic Collection: Amuse Charcuterie Board
Smirly Epic Amuse Cheese Board V1 Smirly Epic Amuse Cheese Board V1
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Smirly Epic Amuse Cheese Board V1
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    Smirly Epic Amuse Board V3
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      When it comes to entertaining guests, the Amuse charcuterie tray is the perfect host. Loaded with tasty cheeses, delightful nibbles and other savory and sweet snacks, an Amuse charcuterie board provides a stunning presentation at any party, get-together or intimate tête-à-tête.

      The Amuse large cheese board gives you ample opportunity to display samples of your favorite foods. Create a special theme for your Amuse charcuterie tray or tailor it to the occasion being celebrated. You may decide to go traditional and stick with cheese, crackers and fruit. Or you may stray from the norm and choose a sweet theme for your Amuse charcuterie board, with luscious pastries, candied fruit or strawberries dipped in chocolate. Include a bottle of wine or sparkling grape juice to complement your cheese assortment.

      Discover for yourself the many uses for an Amuse large cheese board. Remember, Amuse party-size charcuterie boards also make great gifts. You can even fashion your own gift basket, starting with an Amuse charcuterie board and filling it with all your recipient's favorite foods. With all the possibilities to create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, you're sure to be the hit of any party you attend when you're accompanied by the Amuse charcuterie board for sale now at Smirly.

      Assembling Ingredients for Your Amuse Charcuterie Tray

      What you put on your Amuse large cheese board is certainly up to you, but there are some standard foods you can find on just about every one. Here's a rundown of the main ingredients for an Amuse party-size charcuterie board:

      • Cheese Assortment: As they are the main attraction of your Amuse charcuterie tray, the cheeses you select should encompass a variety of textures and flavors. Choose at least one hard, one semi-soft and one spreadable cheese. Hard cheeses include cheddar, asiago and manchego. Popular semi-soft varieties are muenster, havarti and butterkäse. Camembert, fresh chèvre, and cream cheese are all spreadable, making them a delicious accompaniment to your crackers.
      • Bread/Crackers: You'll need a platform for guests to load up with the cheeses and spreads on your Amuse charcuterie board. Choose a combination of wheat, rye and gluten-free crackers to cater to different tastes and preferences. Slice bread into manageable-sized pieces. Bread types that work well include asiago ciabatta and French sourdough. Bread sticks are also a great option.
      • Meats: It's a good idea to use cured meats because they will hold up longer, particularly if your tray will be sitting out for several hours. Meat choices include salami, pepperoni and smoked sausage.
      • Fruits: Dried fruits like figs and apricots are always a good choice, but adding fresh fruit to the mix brings lively colors to your Amuse large cheese board. Strawberries, grapes and blueberries are all solid selections. Out of consideration for your guests, it's best to avoid anything with pits or seeds.
      • Vegetables: Baby carrots, sliced peppers and veggies cut into bite-sized pieces are all appropriate selections for your cheese board.
      • Pickles/Olives: Stand up a handful of gherkins or baby dill pickles in a dish for guests to nab and nibble. Create a festive look by randomly adding green and black (pitted) olives to your Amuse party-size charcuterie board.
      • Nuts: Almonds, macadamias, cashews and even pistachios (shelled, of course) can be sprinkled across your cheese board to create visual appeal.
      • Spreads: A fruit spread like marmalade can be placed in a bowl on (or near) your Amuse charcuterie board. You may decide to go savory, too, and add hummus or nut butter to the mix.

      Arranging Your Amuse Large Cheese Board

      You may have seen enough cheese boards in your time that you already have a pretty good idea of how you want to arrange your Amuse charcuterie tray. If you need a little help getting started or you'd just like a refresher, here are a few suggestions for setting up your cheese board:

      • Start With the Cheeses: Cut wedges or slice the firm cheeses and crumble a corner of your soft cheese to encourage guests to dig in. Spread the cheeses out across your board.
      • Place Your Dishes: Any spreads or small nibbles in bowls should be arranged on your board.
      • Add the Meats: Slice the meats and fan them out or roll them up and add them to your Amuse charcuterie board.
      • Insert Crackers/Bread: Position bread bites and crackers around the meats and cheeses.
      • Nestle the Fruits & Veggies: Think about what goes best with the fruit you've chosen. For example, grapes pair nicely with the cheese, so keep them close. If you have a special dip, put it next to the appropriate fruit or veggie.
      • Sprinkle the Nuts: Distribute the nuts across your cheese board to complete the look.

      All that's left to do is place your Amuse party-size charcuterie board out for your guests – and wait for the oohs and ahs that you're sure to hear when they sample your creation!

      Get Your Party Started With an Amuse Charcuterie Board from Smirly

      Whatever the occasion – holiday, birthday or other special celebration – an Amuse charcuterie board is always a welcome guest. Stack up your board with delectable cheeses, meats and so much more. It's a great way for guests to nibble and enjoy a beautiful presentation of healthy and delectable foods. Find your favorite Amuse charcuterie board for sale at Smirly!