Epic Collection: Venture Charcuterie Boards

Epic Collection: Venture Charcuterie Boards
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Smirly Epic Venture Board V2
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        What's a party without a beautiful arrangement of luscious cheeses, succulent fruits and other delectables? Prepare for your next event by choosing one of our Venture charcuterie boards to accompany you.

        Our Venture charcuterie boards embody the spirit of adventure and novelty. Far more than a board stacked with an assortment of cheeses, a Venture large charcuterie board is designed to beautifully present a lavish variety of appetizing tidbits, including fruits, nuts, garnishes and little sweets, in addition to various cheeses. Each group of morsels enjoys its own space so you can arrange and rearrange them to your heart's content. The sky's the limit as to what you can add to make these Venture cheese boards a hit at your next party.

        A Venture charcuterie board – round, square or rectangular – is a must for anyone who entertains. Complete with all the cutlery you need, our Venture charcuterie boards are as convenient as they are lovely to look at. They also make wonderful gifts for showers, weddings and anniversaries. Everyone loves getting something that's both practical and beautiful. Venture charcuterie boards make every adventure worth celebrating. Find yours today!

        Venture Cheese Boards, Perfect for Any Event

        Whatever get-together you may be hosting, Venture cheese boards are true guest-pleasers. They've been spotted at various functions, including:

        • Parties
        • Brunches
        • Bridal/Baby Showers
        • Picnics
        • Family Get-Togethers
        • Holiday Celebrations
        • Company Events
        • Wine Tastings
        • Intimate Gatherings

        Last Seen on a Venture Large Charcuterie Board

        The beauty of a Venture large charcuterie board is its versatility. We provide the various compartments, and you supply the contents. Mix and match cheeses, meats, fruits and veggies to create a lovely presentation your guests will enjoy. Create a themed assortment for vegan guests, or set up crackers and various flavors of paté and other spreadables for those with exotic tastes. How you present your board is up to you. Here are some of the foods that are often seen on charcuterie boards:

        • Selection of Cheeses
        • Cured Meats
        • Crackers
        • Nuts
        • Pickles & Olives
        • Chocolate
        • Veggies
        • Fresh Fruit
        • Hummus & Other Savory Dips
        • Sweet Spreads

        Cheese Boards & More

        It's the many extras that come with Venture cheese boards that make them the hero of the hors d'oeuvres table. Your Venture cheese board features two pull-out sections that open to reveal storage for knives and utensils along with ceramic serving plates. You'll also find a set of four ceramic bowls, perfect for holding spreads or other liquid items. A round marble plate serves as the focal point for your display. And we've even included a corkscrew, so there's no need to scramble for an opener when it's time to serve your wine.

        Put a Venture Charcuterie Board on Everyone's Table

        Ventura cheese boards make the perfect gift. Imagine how delighted your friends and family will be to receive this thoughtful gift for any one of these occasions:

        • Birthday
        • Anniversary
        • Retirement
        • Wedding
        • Holiday
        • Housewarming
        • Graduation
        • "Thinking of You"

        Venture Cheese Boards Are Made of Earth-Friendly Bamboo

        Aside from all the obvious benefits of choosing a Venture cheese board, there's one you might not be aware of. Each of our cheese board sets is made of bamboo, an earth-friendly hardwood that's properly sourced and highly renewable. Added benefits of bamboo include a non-porous surface that resists liquid – it won't bend, crack, warp, stain or absorb odors. Bamboo is easy to clean and durable, making Venture cheese boards low-maintenance and sure to retain their natural beauty for years to come.

        Explore the Joys of Venture Charcuterie Boards at Smirly Today

        Before you attend your next get-together, make sure you have a Venture large charcuterie board to load up with goodies. Our cheese boards include everything you need to display and serve up the delectables. Partygoers love discovering the tasty treats they find on our cheese boards. Imagine creating a culinary masterpiece to share at your next party. Find the best charcuterie boards at Smirly today!