Smirly White Cupcake Boxes - 12 Pack

Sale price$25.99


  • Container set: With the Smirly containers set, you'll be sure your individual cup cakes will travel unharmed to your destination; these large 14x10x4 carriers also feature a see through display window
  • Inserts included: Our set not only includes 12 large boxes, but also 12 inserts to keep your cupcakes from sliding around; each single insert holds a dozen count of standard size cupcakes or treats
  • Baking liners: Things can get a messy when baking, that's why we include 144 baking cups with every set to make your cupcakes look as great as they taste; we also include ribbon to tie everything shut
  • Keep cupcakes fresh: Unlike plastic products, our 14x10 cupcake packaging trays are made from high quality white paper board to keep your delicious cupcakes fresh and moist until they're ready to eat
  • Easy to store: We know space in your kitchen can be at a premium, that's why our cupcake transporter set of boxes and inserts fold flat for easy storage; each transport can also be recycled when done

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