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Cutting Boards

Smirly cutting boards are made with quality materials and feature innovative designs. Our end-grain walnut cutting board is double-sided, with compartments on one side to hold cut foods and a grooved edge to catch liquid on the other side. We also have acacia as a hardwood cutting board option. Sustainable and magnetic, these modern cutting boards come apart or snap together to simplify food prep and transfer.

Smirly's bamboo cutting boards are a cut above the rest, with thoughtful details and various sizes to choose from. Plus, any of our large cutting boards can be used as a cheese or charcuterie board. Browse our collection of inventive, versatile kitchen cutting boards.

Magnetic Collection

Introducing our revolutionary cutting board collection, designed to revolutionize your kitchen experience. No more messy spills or cluttered counters. Our cutting boards are the key to an organized and efficient cooking process.

With a unique magnetic feature, these cutting boards make transporting ingredients from counter to stove a breeze.

Cutting Board Sets

Looking for the perfect cutting board set for your kitchen? Look no further! Our cutting board collection comes exclusively in sets, providing you with a complete and coordinated solution for all your chopping, slicing, and dicing needs. With multiple sizes and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect set to suit your needs.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, our cutting board sets are made from durable materials and feature stylish designs to complement any kitchen décor.

Smirly 3 Pack Bamboo Cutting Board Set with Dome Holder Smirly 3 Pack Bamboo Cutting Board Set with Dome Holder
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Smirly White Plastic Cutting Board Set Smirly White Plastic Cutting Board Set
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High-Quality Cutting Boards for Sale at Smirly

Shop the cutting boards for sale online at Smirly and discover so much more than your typical kitchen cutting boards. Our modern cutting boards are crafted using top-of-the-line materials and have innovative designs that make them highly functional and versatile.

  • Walnut Cutting Board: Many consider walnut the gold standard for cutting boards. Our double-sided end-grain walnut kitchen cutting board has a grooved edge on one side, three compartments on the other and non-slip feet on both sides. It also has carry handles and comes with a matching salt and pepper grinder set, creating a stylish trio that looks fabulous on display.
  • Acacia Magnetic Cutting Board: This modern cutting board helps you stay clean and organized with two- and three-compartment trays that snap to each side of a large center board. Easily transfer cut ingredients to an attached compartment, clearing your work surface for the next food item, and then remove the tray to add prepared ingredients to a cooking vessel or serve.
  • Large Bamboo Cutting Board: Like our walnut chopping board, the bamboo cutting board is roomy and reversible, with a groove on one side and ingredient compartments on the other.
  • Plastic Cutting Board Set: Our set of four dishwasher-safe plastic cutting boards includes a board for bread, fruit, vegetables and meats, each labeled with an icon to identify its use. Made with BPA- and latex-free plastic, our plastic cutting boards have non-skid edges, easy-grip handles and grooves to catch liquids and crumbs. A handy holder provides tidy storage.
  • Bamboo Cutting Board Set: This trio of small, medium and large cutting boards comes with a matching holder to help you stay organized. These cutting boards feature a gradual recess from front to back, which creates a smooth chopping surface up front with three sides to catch juices and food scraps.

Any one of our attractive wood cutting boards can go from kitchen essential to party platter. From chopping surface to cheese display, prepping station to charcuterie presentation – get ready to impress with Smirly.

FAQs About Cutting Boards

Below, we've answered some common questions about selecting and caring for the unique line-up of cutting boards for sale at Smirly.

What Are End-Grain Cutting Boards?

The wood fibers in end-grain cutting boards face upward to create the cutting surface. Not just easier on knife blades, end-grain fibers close back up in a self-healing manner, eliminating permanent cuts in the wood where bacteria grow. That's why end-grain cutting boards are more sanitary when given the proper care and maintenance.

Are Any of Your Cutting Boards Sustainable?

Yes, bamboo and acacia are earth-friendly and sustainable cutting board options. 

How Do You Care for Cutting Boards?

Cutting board care depends on the material it's made from, but generally speaking, thoroughly hand wash and dry your bamboo or hardwood cutting board after each use – the dishwasher is only safe for plastic cutting boards. Wood cutting boards also need to be seasoned regularly.

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