Smirly Kitchen Utensils Set – 40pcs Cooking Utensils Set with Holder/Stainless Steel and Silicone Kitchen Tools including Meat Tenderizer, Spatula, Ladle and more

Sale price$39.99


  • Everything you need: Once you reach for the Smirly Meat Tenderizer Hammer – you’ll be glad you ordered this 40pc Utensil Set! Because, you’ll see it comes in super-handy throughout the year! It’s kitchen items like that you don’t find in other utensil sets and costs $10 just on its own!
  • We mean, everything: Of course we don’t know what you’re going to use your kitchen tools for, but we do know you’ll love these on hand: Silicone Spoons for Cooking, Silicone Basting Brush, Fancy Hand Whisk, Ice Cream Scoop, Potato Masher, Pizza Cutter, Can Opener, Measuring Cups and more!
  • Two graters! Lemons, ginger, nutmeg, parmesan, chocolate, garlic and other small things and one Cheese Grater. Both are an individual hand grater and fit neatly in the Kitchen Utensils Holder Organizer. There are also tongs for cooking, a peeler and measuring spoons!
  • Non-corrosive, heat resistant: We’ve put High-Heat Silicone where it needs to be, like on cooking spoons, and Heavy Duty Stainless Steel on high-impact cookware like our food masher, scissors, and pizza wheel. And unlike wood handle utensils, ours are 100% Dishwasher Safe and won’t waterlog.
  • Lifetime guarantee: At Smirly our motto is: Simple Things, Made Better! So we took the regular ‘cheap’ utensils set and turned it into a more durable and beautiful kitchen necessity. So why not give it a try in your kitchen now, because they also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee should you need it.

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